Setting boundaries.

Lip Service question – Setting boundaries.

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How do you encourage your partner to set boundaries with his family and ex?  I feel it is very important to prioritize the important areas in your life. If you respect your privacy and value your life’s choices, others will also.


  1. Setting boundaries requires a commitment to self and to each other that some people don’t possess. It also requires a backbone and good communication skills. When I married, my MIL (mother-in-law) was the issue. She still called my husband for all sorts of things and he would be gone almost every weekend.

    Finally, I went with him. She didn’t want to see me, she wanted *him*. If I was there, we didn’t have to do chores, stayed 20 minutes, and eventually we broke free. Now, she doesn’t call for those things. He did have to stand up and reinforce things- i.e. “I’m working, I have this to do,” etc. and follow-through, but he did it.

    About exes, I’ve only dealt with clean breaks with the boyfriend capacity. I encourage you to be NICE, professional, and keep good boundaries. After all, if you don’t respect you, no one else will. 🙂

  2. Boundaries are very important in any relationship.Without them, there is room for others to wiggle in and create that wedge which could eventually lead to the breakdown of the relationship.It is important to show a “United Front”. Be in sync with each other ,keep private matters private , because it is easy for someone to act like they care about your situation ,then turn around and use the information you told them in confidence, to pit you and your partner against each other. For the partner with the medaling family, this puts him or her in a difficult position where there has to be a hard line drawn in which the person must take a firm stand and say,”This is my life..BACK OFF and stay out of my business!”