She’s looking for someone loyal



her - she's beautiful with a heart


She’s beautiful, with a heart as golden as they come. Her grind is unique, and she can light up any room that she walks in. She’s far from perfect, but everyday, this Queen gets better. She’s not looking for a fairy tale; she’s looking for someone loyal, and that’s just as tired of getting it wrong. She’s looking for more than just money, because she has her own. At the end of the day, she’s just looking to share something special; and something that lasts with a man that was worth all of the tears she cried before him.



  1. I am just a cowboy im a long-haul truck driver I believe in the old ways just like back in the Oldwest A hand work for The ranch he was dedicated to the Brand and that’s the kind of man I am I’m dedicated to the ranch I’m hard-working honest loving forthright and an American. I believe in this country I was willing to die for that when I was younger even more so now that I’m older I believe in the Constitution and always stands for I took outh when I went to Marine Corps To serve and protect the Constitution of United States from all foreign and domestic enemy’s the outh has no expiration date God bless America