Soul meets soul.

Some consider kissing to be the ultimate form of bonding.  How do you feel about kissing?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Soul meets soul.
Soul meets soul in a kiss.

Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley


  1. Kissing the right person can simply melt your heart & connect you to that person in a way like no other & that’s just with a kiss. Imagine those feelings of pure bliss & what could & will unfold from that single moment in time….a profound connect for life … Especially if you cross paths with your soulmate…. Cx

  2. Without kissing you do not know if the 2 of you have chemistry. Without chemistry, there’s no reason to keep seeing each other: unless it’s for money. 🙂

  3. I agree. I can tell if a man is a good lover by the way he kisses. And I adore kissing.

  4. I agree with these comments – that a good lover’s giveaway is his kiss and that how can you continue the relationship if the kiss isn’t right? But what if the kiss is just right – tongue to lip ratio perfect and the souls united from the start, only to disappear in a few short weeks like fog clearing ? Was the kiss just a lure?

  5. Kissing is one of the most intiment sexist. Ways …. to make a point in a sense… to show him How much you want. Him. To let him feel your passion for him..

  6. Yes the taste of happiness 🙂 only one lady has ever kissed me like that, what I would give to have them lips all over me this minute.

  7. Kissing is a lost art. I’ve come to the conclusion: if I don’t like the way you kiss, I’m probably not going to like anything else you do.

    1. The perfect kiss feeds your soul. That one kiss connects you to the person as though u were built for each other .