Staying in love.

Staying in love is so very special, it’s true!  It warms my heart so much when I see older couples so in love.  How common do you think this kind of love is anymore?  Are we just jaded in thinking that it doesn’t really exist?   Leave us your comment below. 🙂


Staying in love is special.
Staying in love is special.

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is very special.


  1. how can you stay in love if you’ve thought you were in love before,then you get hurt,you get over it and then someone new comes along,tells you they love you and then you fall for it/them after you’ve been over the ”love” you once thought was real,thinking that maybe this time round is different, then that the person that you are now with tells you that they dont want to be in a ”relationship box” but they have asked you to be theirs and said they love you first and then a few days later the relationship with them is nearly in shambles or pretty much is and you have no idea whats going on apart from the fact that you are now being hurt once again?

  2. Not sure if you are male or female, but regardless, being hurt by someone makes you cautious and apprehensive with the next person. However, you can never succeed if you don’t try. It’s probably better to learn to protect yourself by learning from each experience. Sometimes people will tell you they love you to get their way but then that feeling of “love”goes away once they achieve their goal. Also, a person that doesn’t know what they want from one day to the next needs their space and time to think about their own priorities. Better to give them time to process things. If they come back it was meant to be and if not, hopefully you aren’t too emotionally attached to not be able to move on. Easier said than done but life isn’t perfect and unfortunately, people aren’t either. Best wishes to you.