Tantric Sex: Once You Tap Into It, You Won’t Believe What You’ve Been Missing

What Is Tantric Sex? And Why Is It Important?

 By: Faye Roberts



The first question most women have is: What is tantric sex? So let’s start at the historic roots.


Tantric sex has its earliest roots in the Tantra, which is a traditional set of beliefs that was cultivated within Hinduism. Tantra goes all the way back to 5th century India.


As a sexual practice, tantric sex was once done to please the Hindu gods, but it has evolved greatly into our Western culture, and as you likely know, it really took off in the 1960s and 70s.


Regardless of how it has morphed over centuries and decades, at its core, tantric sex is the act of focusing to unleash your innermost sexual desires while deeply uniting with your partner during physical connection.


Notice the emphasis on connecting with your man. This is important. We’re not just talking about connecting on a physical, “Hey, this is fun!” level. In other words, tantric sex is not just about the orgasm.


Instead, the focus is on throwing away the repressive attitudes you’ve had toward sex and being completely bare and open with your partner. It’s about truly respecting and revering your man and getting that back from him in return. You will focus completely on your bodily connection as a sacred act … which means it can go on with the possibility for immense pleasure for hours!


Why is this important?


Connecting like this with your partner amplifies everything good about your relationship. Women who have started to unleash their tantric side during sex have found that they crave it all the time. And the men? Same thing but even more, they crave you.


So not only will your sex be amazing. But you will have a deep, connective fire burning between you even when you’re not in bed. Many women have stated that this desire replaces the old things they used to do for pleasure—their vices … overeating, smoking, drinking …


Imagine increasing your sexual desire and pleasure 1000% and then getting rid of those habits you’re always trying to ditch as well. It’s truly an amazing practice.


So how do you get started? …


Bringing Tantra Into Your Life


One of the biggest tragedies of most relationships is that  the sexual desire fades. Tantra is the answer to this pervasive problem.


In order to do this, you’ll need to start with a few basic techniques to get you off the ground. Remember that this is a process, but the good news is that it will be fun the whole way through. Here are some techniques to get you started.


3 Tantric Techniques That Will Blow the Lid Off Your Lovemaking


  1. The Yab Yum Pose


This pose can be seen in Tantric representations from ancient India. It’s centuries old and still used today to unite couples on the deepest level. To connect using this pose, you’ll go through 3 position phases in order to amplify the sexual tension and arousal.


Position I – Here, you will start facing each other on the bed or ground. Go knee to knee if you can sit like this. Otherwise, just sit any way that is comfortable facing each other. Look into each other’s eyes.


Position II – Next, both transfer to a seated position so your bottoms are on the floor or bed. The woman moves slowly into the man and wraps her legs around him loosely.


Position III – Finally, the woman moves onto the man’s lap with legs fully around his body and wrapping around his back. You should be pressed right up against your man’s chest.


Throughout the phases, notice how the tension builds as more of your skin comes in contact with him. Maintain eye contact always—vital.


  1. The Tantric Massage


Most couples have given each other massages before, but you can be sure not like this.


The tantric massage must escalate, so that means you start very slowly. The receiver lays on the bed fully undressed but with a blanket around most of their bottom half.


As the massager begins, they will use feathers, flower petals, hot wax, massage oil or just light fingertips to tickle the senses and touch every part. Slowly, they will work their way down the body, removing more and more of the blanket.


As more of the receiver’s skin is revealed, the massager can also add pressure, but be sure to keep all movements very slow. Nothing quick or spastic or aggressive. Finally, the receiver can turn onto their back to receive the same thing on their front …


  1. The “KHSS Formula”


This technique is about slowing down. So often in sex, every maneuver and position is about just getting to the end. Because as a rule, most of us have mistakenly come to think that the end of sex is the only part that matters.


Not so. The first time you use the “KHSS Formula” to slow down your lovemaking, you’ll see just how powerful it is and why you’ve been so very wrong about just “cutting to the chase” (orgasm!) all these years.


The details of the “KHSS Formula” and how to use it with your partner can be difficult to explain in just a few sentences, so go to the source to learn more. This source is Tantra XO. It’s a program that was developed by Lawrence Lanoff, a sexual health expert who is helping women erase their sexual guilt and shame and unleash the hot desire within.


As a woman, if you haven’t yet been aware of Tantra XO, you can be sure that you’ve got a reservoir of sexual ability you’re not using.


With Tantra XO, there are many detailed techniques to learn and use, including the very popular “CAT Touch” as well as the “KHSS Formula” and others. This is how most women who have been successful at Tantric Sex have learned the techniques.


Try Tantra XO and closely follow the advice above to see what this amazing practice can do for you. You’ll learn to finally unleash everything sexual that you never even knew you’d been repressing.


Your man won’t know what hit him.