The Attraction Trigger That Awakens a Man’s Deepest Desires

Trigger: To cause an event or situation to happen.

Every man has deep within him, the desire to become a true hero.  This desire originates far back in the history of man.  In his DNA lies the cause of the desire, but for every man, it lies in wait…waiting for the perfect trigger to unleash its might.

You could become that very trigger, and I’d like to show you exactly how.

If you do this … if you unleash his need to become a hero, you will also be unleashing his bonding instinct.

First, let’s visit the origins of human connection with one important story.

Before anyone can care deeply for another human being, they should first know about that person’s life. After all, the life story of someone will evoke the power of empathy. In other words, when we hear someone’s life story, we can then picture ourselves in their shoes.

The very foundation of human connection comes out of stories. That’s because they cultivate a shared experience in life, and this is essential for connection.  Even a criminal or a thief can evoke empathy and compassion if only you can see their story. This is strange, but ultimately, true. Look at movies like The Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven.

For example, in Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon are thieves. But they’re also likeable. We’re pulled into liking them because we see their story. We see what motivates Danny Ocean to be a thief and rob a high-end casino. His ex-wife’s new lover runs the casino it just so happens.

It’s easy to empathize with Danny. At the end of the film, we’re hoping that he gets away with it all.  for him to win. We want him to take the money that isn’t his and run off with Tess, his lovely ex-wife.

Fiction will do this to us, and books are no different than films. The best author knows how to keep you guessing while also having you root for someone who isn’t even real!

Let’s take Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, for example. Perhaps highbrow critics will laugh, but this was a great series in my opinion. As the Volturi marched across the field toward the protagonists, hoping to destroy Bella’s beloved daughter, I was trembling with fear.

But then you think about this … it’s make-believe! How could I react in this way to something that’s completely made up?

The power of the story is the answer.

Stories have been humans’ main form of communication for centuries upon centuries. It’s how we have relayed vital information to each other since we were first able to communicate in the first place.

In other words, we’re already wired for story-telling. Furthermore, our emotions are easily influenced by stories. When we want to communicate, it’s stories that we use. And when someone tells us a story, we are able to immediately feel connected to it.

I know that at the end of my life, those who have known and witnessed my own personal life story are those who I will want to have near me.

Perhaps the nurse who is caring for me is kind and helpful. But in the end, she’s just a stranger. So, it matters not how kind or helpful she is. If she doesn’t know my personal story and I have no idea about hers, I’ll feel alone in my final days.

As instinctive knowledge, this nurse will know that she cannot be my confidant during these times. And she will then notify those who do my story: My close friends and family members.

Do you see how becoming the person who can be a close confidant to someone else means knowing that person’s story and being a part of it?

In other words, if you want to be as close as possible to a man and to be the person who he feels his deepest feelings for, you need to not only know his story, but be a part of it. To do this, you need to first show him what you need. In turn, his desire to be a hero will be triggered … and he will instinctively help you and be by your side.

To trigger a man’s instinct to be a hero, you need to know this formula:

Man’s Hero Instinct = Story + Needs

Men have this natural instinct to be a hero. Inside, it makes him want to find a relationship where he will be a hero. He doesn’t even realize this, but it’s why men constantly fall for women who take advantage of this hero instinct. The women innately know to trigger certain emotions in men. Other women do not understand how happy being a hero will make a man. Naturally, that’s because women don’t share this need to be heroes.

If you think hard, you may see glimpses of this desire of men to be the hero and the provider. Think, for example, about how depressed a man can become … how much he can pull away, when he goes through even a short period of unemployment.

What many women fail to see is how the opposite effect may work …

If you can make this same man feel like they are an amazing provider and hero, you automatically trigger his need to commit … to you. This is something that he cannot help inside himself. Any woman who he feels like the hero for will start to mean something more to him.

Your very relationship—no matter what it’s nature may be at the start—will start to seem different to him in an amazing way. He has longed to feel like this. It just feels right. Usually, there’s no way he could even put these feelings into words.

This union will reveal instincts to be protective and noble, masculine and strong. Most of all, the union will prompt him to feel love and deep emotional and physical attraction.

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You are starting from a great place. Your desires and needs are already there. Now, it’s just a matter of translating these desires and needs into prompts for him … those prompts that will make his hero instinct go wild.

After that you can relax into the passion and warmth that he will provide for this woman to whom he is a hero. You will have become the central character in his life, the one with whom he cannot part.

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Consider this last thought: We often buy gifts for others that we would really love to receive ourselves. And for many people, we use love like this too. We make our partners feel the way that we want to feel: Special.

But do men respond well to this? No, they are unaffected. You’re speaking different languages of love.

Triggering his instinct to be a hero is what you must do instead. It’s a universal, absolutely incredible method of finally getting his full attention and finding true love.

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