The Danger Of Faking It With Him

The Danger Of Faking It

By: Rick Wallace


One of the most common questions I hear from women all the time is this:

“Can men tell if I’m ‘faking it’ in bed with him?”

And since I always tell my clients the truth (even when it’s tough to hear), I answer:

“Yes, deep down, a man can always tell if a woman is faking her orgasm.”


The sad truth is that even if a guy seems like he didn’t notice, deep down in a man’s subconscious he can always tell whether his woman was faking it with him or not.

And here’s the problem: men who know their partners are “faking it” are 10x more likely to cheat and end a relationship.


Even if he doesn’t consciously realize it or know why he’s doing it, he’s much more likely to cheat on you and leave you.

This is true for women who just can’t reach climax with this man, or who have never been able to have an orgasm and feel somehow “broken” or humiliated about it.

Now, I want you to answer these questions honestly:

Have you ever had a vaginal orgasm before? If so – do you sometimes have trouble climaxing in bed?

Have you ever felt embarrassed or ashamed that you couldn’t reach climax? So much that you had to fake your orgasm with him?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you don’t have to worry, because you’re NOT alone.

In fact, more than 80% of women report that they can’t have vaginal orgasms from intercourse.

80%! That’s a huge number! I bet you didn’t think there were that many women out there who have trouble (or simply can’t) climax in bed with a man.

In fact, I have a friend named Wendy who had the same problem.

Wendy approached me one day in tears, and told me that her boyfriend had cheated on her because they didn’t have a satisfying love life.

Every time they “did it,” Wendy had to fake her climax… because she was ashamed that she couldn’t have one.

She didn’t want her man to discover the truth… that in all her life she had never had an orgasm.

Well, I knew of an easy way for any woman to have incredible orgasms every time she has sex no matter what, so I shared my simple “Big O” secret with Wendy, because I knew it worked on any woman!


You can get my secret here!


After Wendy heard my secret, she couldn’t believe how dramatically (and quickly) her bedroom life changed. The next time we spoke, she had a different kind of tears in her eyes and confessed:

“I never dreamed I could feel like a normal woman. My whole life, I always felt like there was something “wrong” with me… as if I was broken somehow. I always felt completely humiliated. Rick, thank you so much. You saved my relationship and changed my life.”

Even if you’ve never been able to have an orgasm in your life… this secret will work for you. You will never have to feel frustrated, upset, and sometimes even humiliated ever again.


Unlock Your Orgasm

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  1. A secret doesn’t take 2 weeks to read. Simplest solution is don’t lie to him because if he thinks you’ve orgasmed then he won’t learn what to do to actually give you one. If you’re honest and you know how to orgasm then tell him what you require but if you have never orgasmed then he will be excited about the challenge ahead to get you to. A vibrator will never fail you if all else does and most men enjoy using them on their girl. Besides vaginal orgasms are very rare. We orgasm from our clitoris so this book is out of steam from the get go.