The Difference Between When He Says “I Want You” and “I Need You”

The Difference Between When He Says “I Want You” and “I Need You”

by Michael Fiore

The Difference Between When He Says I Want You and I Need You

Carmela asks…

“Hi Mike, I have a question for you. What is the difference between when a man says, “I want to see you” and “I need to see you”? Or, “I want to hold you” and “I need to hold you”? Thanks for your time and interest.”—Carmela

Great question, and the great answer generally is…

Uhh . . . semantics.

Yes, yes, I know that as a woman you want to pick apart every single word, flick of an eyebrow and gesture a guy does and assign MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MEANING TO IT.

Heck, I get emails every day from women asking questions like . . .

“He kissed me with his eyes open, what does it mean?” (That his contacts are itching?)


“He usually texts me within 7 minutes of getting a message from me but this time it took him ten minutes, does that mean he doesn’t like me?” (Um, he was stuck in a cab?)


“We were making love the other day and he broke down crying about his favorite Transformers toy from when he was a kid . . . should I be worried?” (Sidebar: Yes. But it probably has nothing to do with you.)

I talk about this a LOT in my “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Will Never Tell You” program but …

Men aren’t that complicated . . .


Men generally aren’t that specific in what they say, what they do or what they want.

I mean, sure, there are situations where saying he NEEDS to see you as opposed to WANTS to see you could matter . . .

He could NEED to see you because he’s become addicted to the touch of you, the feel of you, the taste of you and is going to go into spasms of withdrawal if he doesn’t get to kiss you within the next 7 minutes.

But . . .

In general women are a LOT better off by taking what guys say at face value and refusing to read too deeply into it.
Because whether he says “want” or “need” the end result is that he wants to hang out with you. And isn’t that enough?


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