The fate of your heart.

The fate of your heart is determined by YOU.


The fate of your heart.
The fate of your heart.

The fate of your heart is your choice and no one else gets a vote. ~ Sarah Dessen

Yes, and why shouldn’t it be?  Only you know what is right for you in your own heart.  You may make decisions that are right for others but are they right for you?  Only your own heart can tell you that, no  matter what others say and no matter how much others try to convince you what is right for you.  Only your heart really knows the answer.


  1. Hi.

    I am presently going through a divorce after 23 years of marriage, and have now been seperated for almost two years already. We both still love each other dearly, and I am fully against the divorce proceedings, but my wife is adamant that we continue. It does not make any sence as to why she cannot give it any thought of a last chance. I have offered everthing in my power to try again such as counseling, therapy, and any other help that can help but she resists totally. I read a article the other day which made me think about what could be an issue, and that was her being a passive agressive person and myself a covert aggressive person. Now if this is the case how do I deal with the situation?

    1. Hi Robby,

      I can imagine that it’s very frustrating and disheartening for you to want to try to save your marriage without her wanting to meet you half way. I’m not expert but it seems to me that if you’ve tried everything and she still “resists totally”, it may be time to give her her space so that she can make a decision without any pressure from you. Truth is that if she no longer wants to be in the marriage, I don’t think it would do either of you any good for her to stay. You have to ask yourself if you really want to be in a marriage with a person whose heart isn’t in it anymore.

      Perhaps she needs some time to think things over all on her own. Perhaps she may have a change of heart once she’s been able to think on the whole situation. In that case, you’ll know that she made the decision to work on your marriage because she really wanted to on her own accord. If she decides that the marriage isn’t right for her anymore, you will have to respect her wishes. She is her own person and has the right to make her own decisions as to what she feels is best, and so do you, which takes us back to the essence of this poster – the fate of her heart is really her own and only her own as is the fate of yours. We cannot make decisions for the heart for others so whatever she decides to do, you will have to respect.

      On the flip side, you, too, are the master of your own heart and you can guide it into new directions if you are open to doing so. Life moves on no matter what and the future is your own.

      Best wishes and I hope it all works out in the best way possible for both of you. 🙂