The Holidays Are the Best Time to Meet Mr. Right and Here’s Why


So you’re single. And it’s the holidays.


Hey girl, it’s not the worst thing in the world. (Keep in mind, being single again may be a lot of ladies’ holiday wish…).


But still. We get it.


Whether you’re newly single or just plain sick of essentially sitting at the kids table year after friggin’ year because you don’t have your own honey to sit with … it’s time to finally find your mate.


Fortunately during this festive time, single women are in luck.


Behold the reasons why the holidays are the best times to find Mr. Right :


  1. General Cheer Is All Around


Holiday songs on the radio. Festive decorations and soft lights. Slowly falling snow. Cozy fires and warm cups of hot chocolate—with whiskey?


Romance centers around mood and environment, and at no other time in the year is the mood so effervescently lovey-dovey than during the holidays. The scene is set for love, and singles all around are ready to find it.


  1. More Free Time


Pragmatically speaking, everyone just has a lot more free time during the holidays as well. Think about it.


You’ve got time off from work. More emphasis is put on family. And this means people get together more often to connect. Or conversely, they spend more time on their personal lives. This might mean spending more time on their online dating profiles or more time at bars or coffee shops scoping their romantic options.


  1. Friends of Friends … of Friends


The holidays present parties, get-togethers, rendezvous, and dinners of all sorts. You already know you like your friends, so it makes sense that you could like the friends of your friends too. Holiday gatherings are a great place to meet them.


You can either play it by ear and just see who you come across, or you can come right out and ask your friends to invite their other single acquaintances.


  1. Uptick in Holiday Online Dating


Dating sites around the globe report an uptick in sign-ups and messages sent when it’s the holidays.


This means two things. First, if you haven’t tried online dating, the most fish that will ever be in the sea … are there right now.


And second, these statistics tell us that there are singles out there looking just like you. If that doesn’t make you want to sign up for online dating sites, that’s fine. But maybe it will make you a little more confident about approaching someone you like or even someone you meet at a bar.


You can take care in knowing that other people are looking for love just like you.


  1. Work Parties


Thinking about “not going this year”? Bad idea!


Work parties are a great place to re-meet your co-workers, meet unknown co-workers and meet … other random people too!


If you work at a huge place, you’ll meet people you didn’t even know worked with you, and you’ll have the commonality of the same workplace—a great icebreaker.


If you already have a crush on someone at work, you’ll get more face time with them at the party. You might even find that someone has a crush on you!


The nice thing about work parties is that it’s not a random bar. You can be relatively sure that the people there have at least something in common with you.


  1. The Holidays Are a Reflective Time


Finally, the holidays are a time when people take a step back and look at their lives. A lot of people end up realizing that they want a partner during this time.


It’s like everyone is looking into other people’s windows as they walk down the decorated streets, and they see couples or families enjoying time together, and they realize that that’s what they want. Maybe you’ve just realized it, and that’s a good thing.


It means it’s time to take action.


Setting the Meet-Cute Stage


Of course, we now have to tell you how to set the stage for meeting Mr. Right. Because it certainly doesn’t happen when you sit alone in your apartment eating cereal and playing with your cat. In fact, it probably won’t happen if you’re a workaholic or any sort of flitting social butterfly either.


Instead, you should be the kind of beautiful butterfly who goes out and then stops and sits in one place for long enough to get spotted. You have to be open and receptive and out there for love to happen. Here are a few tips:


  1. Make an online dating account, and actually flesh out the pics and bio. No one will look at it otherwise. Remember, more than a quarter of adults meet their matches online these days, so try this avenue!


  1. Go out. We all get wallow-y and want to take sometimes a frightening number of naps and baths on our days off. But your chances of meeting someone greatly increase when you are … outside of your house.


  1. Keep your wardrobe classy. For example, don’t wander out to the corner store in your sweatpants just because you can. And on the flip side, don’t be crazy revealing at the clubs just to reel them in. Classy gals attract classy guys.


  1. Don’t be too picky about only going on dates with people who you think are perfect for you. Newsflash: We’re talking about Mr. Right, not Mr. Perfect. You never know: the guy you think is too nerdy or too short or too “works-in-finance-y” might actually be perfect. And you should be ready to kiss some frogs before you meet The One too.


In the end, remember this: You’ll of course be just fine if the most magical romance of your life doesn’t blossom right now under the mistletoe, or in the falling snow, or at the train station at midnight this holiday season.


But … it could. So get gussied up. Put yourself out there. And see what happens.