The Top 3 Things Men Want You to Know During Sex

The Top 3 Things Men Want You to Know During Sex

By: Eric Jensen


As a woman, you’ve got little to go on when it comes to knowing what men are thinking at any given time. Does he like your new haircut? Is he planning on taking you out for Valentine’s Day? Did he hear what you just said?

Who knows.

But during sex, the male mystery gets really…real. You’re rolling around in the sheets together, naked, completely vulnerable, and you’ve got no earthly idea what he’s thinking!

Well, straight from the horse’s mouth, here are the 3 things that men are desperate for you to know about during sex.


1. “We’re worried what you think of our bodies.”


We hear a lot of women say they’re nervous about their bodies during sex. But are we considering the shape of your breasts or the fact that you’ve got a little stubble down there? No, we are most definitely not worrying or even thinking about these things. If we’re having sex with you, you look … amazing.


With that being said, we are pretty self-conscious about our own looks. It has a lot to do with whether we have man boobs or a beer gut, but mostly it’s about how big we are. We want to know how we measure up—literally—and it freaks us out that we may be on the small side.


The stats say it all. In a 2015 study from the British Journal of Urology*, the majority of men polled were sure that their penis was smaller than they were in reality. So if we seem a little tense, that’s probably what we’re freaking out about.


2. “We’re just as into cuddling as you are.”


You know those romantic comedies where the guy can’t stand cuddling and just wants sex? Inaccurate. In fact, we love a good cuddle. A study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior actually found that men see cuddling as more important in a relationship than sex*.


Listen, if we’re dating, we like you. We want to be around you. And we probably want to be touching you as much as humanly possible. So it makes sense that being sidled up against you under a cozy blanket on the couch or lying in bed is just about the best case scenario for us, and we love it.


3. “We’re more alike when it comes to sex than you think.”


Men have a rap for being sex maniacs. The trope is that at any given moment, our minds are buzzing with images of breasts, vaginas and flexible bedroom positions. Ok. This may be true sometimes. But really, there’s more going on in there than you know.


Women are emotional beings, and we get that. But we have emotions too; the truth is we just show them differently. While you may be able to gush a whole paragraph about how you feel, we may only be able to muster a, “I really like you a lot.” That sentence may seem dull and short to you, but it took everything we had to get it out, and we really meant it. We’re just as complex and emotional as you. We just often don’t express it the same way you do.


These are definitely three surprising facts that give you more insight into men … so do you want more?


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