These “Playful Little Lines” Set Off Chemical Attraction in His Brain

These “Playful Little Lines” Set Off Chemical Attraction in His Brain

by Faye Roberts

Love Hormone


Ever wonder why some women easily get men to adore them while you pine away after men who continue to treat you badly?


The majority of women think it all has to do with looks. When you get a crush, you probably pressure yourself to lose weight or get a tan, cut your hair or spend another $100 at Sephora.


But what if male attraction had much less to do with your appearance and far more to do with the language you use?


The key lies in science.


Men, like women, have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. It’s the latter that always wins in the end, and in men, the unconscious mind can be flipped like a light switch when they hear just the right thing from a woman.


What you say to a man and how you say it can actually cause a chemical reaction in men’s brains, which causes them to become attracted to you.


The Brain Chemistry of Love


In a man’s brain, attraction to a woman and love for that woman are actually chemical processes. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University, says that a molecule called phenylethylamine is responsible.


Also known as the “Love Hormone,” phenylethylamine or PEA is a stimulant just like an addictive drug. Only this one is good for you! And when it’s “triggered,” the brain creates PEA by itself. What are the triggers? We’ll get to those later…


So PEA or the “Love Hormone” gets triggered in the brain and subsequently creates dopamine (as many recreational drugs like cocaine do, actually). What does dopamine do? Well, it makes you feel … AMAZING!


In fact, the chemical process is very much like addiction. When PEA and then dopamine is released in the brain because of an attraction to someone, you do feel like you’re on drugs, right? You wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, you seem to have a spring in your step all day, and just hearing the name of the person you care about makes you hear music. It’s like a legitimate addiction says Dr. Fisher.


So can you trigger a mans brain to create phenylethylamine in association with you?


Yep. Surprised? It seems like something straight out of a love potions book, but phenylethylamine can indeed be triggered. As scientists have found, for men, it all has to do with language. This is also one of the reasons why naughty talk is SO exciting for men.


The power of language is a woman’s best friend, hands down. The mental association of key words and phrases said with signature flair can stir something in a man’s subconscious, create phenylethylamine, and then create dopamine. All in association with you.


After all, the chemical reactions become inherently linked with the person who said those amazing things: you.


So what do you say?


Turns out there are certain lines that do the trick. When said at key moments of interaction, these are scientifically researched and proven phrases that will ignite the creation of phenylethylamine in a man’s brain and bring about an extremely strong association between you and the most wonderful feelings in the world.


Think simple and sweet with a little vulnerability thrown in. Guys love this. For instance, try:


“You know, this is the first date that excites me and freaks me out a little at the same time.”


Or add some intrigue with:


“There is so much more I want to say, but I’m holding it for the right time…”


Find these and many more “attraction switches”, here.   In addition to the key phrases, you’ll also learn the amazing thing you can do with your voice that will make him hot with desire.  Whew!


So are you ready for that guy you’ve had your eye on for months to start pursuing you? Calling you? Thinking of only you?  Or the man you’ve been with for a while to sit up and take notice again like he did when you first got together?


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