3 Misconceptions that Men Have About Women

3 Misconceptions That Men Have About Women


introThere’s this dirty little rumor going around in the relationship world that men and women don’t really understand each other. Are you shocked? I didn’t think so. “Getting” one another has seemed to be the thorn in the side of otherwise great relationships probably since the beginning of time. After having a conversation with the opposite gender, all too often we are left with our heads cocked to the side, blank stare on our faces, wondering what the *$ #!! just happened here, and wishing we could be thrown back in time to pre-lanugage days when communication seemed so much simpler. Ah, good times! Not so much.

The fact is that both men and women have extremely damaging misconceptions about each other that have been drilled into our psyches by negative sterotypes, bad former relationships and everything in between, all of which are not doing our communication and understanding skills any favors.

Though women seem to be the most vocal about the problems they have in being understood by their partners, men actually very much feel the same way as women do. Their grievances just have slightly different foundations. Though the root of women’s complaints about men tend to center around problems with creating emotional connections and intimacy due to lack of communication and understanding, the complaints of men are generally more focused on not understanding women’s emotional behaviors.

We’ve addressed some misconceptions that women have about men when it comes to relationships in several previous articles so today we’re going to concentrate on three misconceptions that men have about women, and insight into how to go from “problem” to “solution” with just a little bit of effort.


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