Tips for Playing the “Skin Flute” That Will Blow His Socks Off

Tips for Playing the “Skin Flute” That Will Blow His Socks Off

by Felicity Keith


Tips for Playing the "Skin Flute" Like a Master


Sexy women know the power of a killer bj. But like our sassy pal Samantha from SATC quipped, “Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing!”

Keeping your mouth not only open for an extended period of time…but open while applying suction, being mindful of your chompers close proximity to very tender parts, and twirling your tongue in various ways…well, it can make your jaw ache just thinking about it.

Having a well-endowed partner or even being a little out of practice, it’s surprising how quickly your face muscles can tire out when you “head” downtown.

And that discomfort makes the whole sword swallowing act loathsome for many. But there are some surprisingly easy (albeit silly-looking) ways to get past those oral aches and pains.

Face Fitness

Your jaw, mouth, and face are comprised of a complex system of muscles, joints, and ligaments. Some muscles get a regular workout just with daily chewing, talking, and smiling, while others sort of coast day to day.

And many of us hold stress and tension in our faces and jaws which just compounds the issue of discomfort while slurpin’ the gherkin.

If you find that your mouth, face, or jaw starts to hurt a few minutes into humming his favorite tune, you just need to work on building up strength and stamina. It’s like when you start a new fitness regime and realize you have muscles you didn’t even know about. The more you work on them the stronger they become.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, this means more knob-bobbing is in your immediate future. However, don’t feel like every time needs to go from start to complete finish.

Get in the habit of adding in shorter sessions to your repertoire to build up stamina. Think of these as fellatio wind sprints.

Go downtown for a few minutes before intercourse. Alternate between mouth and hands. You can even tease him with an incomplete quickie (he might protest but that’s part of the fun).

If you don’t have an eager rod at the ready, you can also build up blowing brawn with inanimate objects. Zucchini, sex toys, a small bottle of water…anything that you can put in your mouth and keep a tight hold on.

Also a banana works great, just don’t peel it! A peeled banana can easily break and get lodged in your throat.

Wash whatever object you decide to use and just practice keeping your mouth open around it for an extended period of time.

Set a timer for a few minutes and each time you practice, try for longer. Also, switch up the size of the object you use. A small banana one time, a county-fair blue ribbon cucumber the next.

If you have privacy at home, you can practice while watching TV. If privacy is difficult to come by, lock the bathroom door and add in a session while you style your hair before work.

Remember, I warned you this was going to be silly-looking.

You don’t need to deep throat here. While that is a commendable skill, your goal here is mouth and jaw fitness. Simply keeping your mouth wide open is all you really need to do to increase muscle strength and joint flexibility.

After you are done, take a few minutes to gently massage those muscles to keep them happy.

Making a concerted effort a few times a week will produce surprisingly quick results!

Advanced Technique

Getting your jaw ready for action is the first step, the next is wowing him with some wild knob know-how.


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