Tips to keep a long distance relationship alive

Lengthy periods of time apart can break a relationship, and yet sometimes they’re necessary.

Maybe a job moves you out of state and your partner can’t get there until much later, after the house sells. Or perhaps one of you needs to be away for a class, or to take care of a dying extended family member. And of course, it happens all the time in the military.


Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep a long distance relationship alive, whether you’re apart for three weeks or three years.


Check out some of the ideas below and keep the love juju humming!


1. Make tech work for you!

Text, email, Skype, chat, FaceTime, Google Hangout, social profiles – you have more choices than ever before to connect with your honey. Use ‘em! And be creative. What about a Skype movie date, where you both watch the same movie, and chat about it while you watch?


2. Send love letters and care packages

Remember how amazing it feels to actually get something in the MAIL? (Remember mail?) (No, the other kind. The good kind.) Whip together a steamy love letter and enclose it with some fun little gifts: a book of erotic poetry for her, or a pair of your line-up-the-back stockings and a sexytimes promise for him. Or you can go the good old-fashioned route and send home-baked goods.

Just do it!


3. Phone sex!

I’ll let you do your own search on this, but the basics are to talk about what you’re wearing (or not wearing), how you make each other feel, and what you’re doing to yourself right now. Or what you wish he/she would do to you right now. The delicious, shivery, sexy, good stuff.

Be explicit!!

Btw, one of the best parts of phone sex is that you can unleash your fantasies. Work through your favorite sexual fantasy role play over the telephone line and see how long he’s able to hold off before calling you again for more.



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