Try Date Nights to Spice Up a Troubled Relationship


If you are going through some rough times in your relationship, a date night may be just the thing to put some life back into it. Even if you are thinking of bringing an end to your relationship you may find that doing a date night could bring the two of you closer together again. Of course making the right or wrong date night choices can make or break any effort to salvage what you have.

The purpose of doing date nights is to step away from the issues that may be causing problems between you. The two of you need to get out alone, if there are kids get a babysitter. This is your time to be who you were when you first met so try to avoid any bad vibes from outside sources that might ruin it for you.

When you go on your date night, leave work at work. This is supposed to be a special night with you and your partner and you don’t want to ruin it with work intervening. If you or your partner can’t put work on the back burner when you are together this could be part of your problem. It might be interfering with your relationship enough that it needs to be looked at. It should be no problem one night per week leaving work at work for your date nights.


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  1. This is great advice for those who are wanting to also preserve their good relationship. Why wait until it gets to a point in a relationship where things are dire, continue to have date nights and nurture the relationship through the years.