What He Desperately Wants from You…but Won’t Say

What He Desperately Wants from You…but Won’t Say

by Felicity Keith


what he desperately wants from you
If you randomly polled 300 men about what they secretly wish their wives or girlfriends knew, you’d get answers that shocked, delighted, and frightened you.
Sure, there would be a lot of comments specifically about fellatio (and how he wants much more of it)… but the common topic you’d discover?
Specifically, that men want to feel wanted.
Stop and think about it for a second. In our culture, women are taught that men are the ones who do all the chasing. They are the ones who think with their “little brain” 24/7 and who drool at the mere thought of our luscious curves.
This notion of men as ravenous sex beasts does have a kernel of truth…testosterone is a powerful chemical after all. However, the flip side to this widely accepted stereotype of “how men are” means that as women, we can easily forget that he craves being desired, too.
Of course men love to be appreciated in more ways than just sexually…but for the sake of this lesson, that’s what I’m going to focus on.
Ask yourself…
When was the last time you devoured his masculine form with your hungry eyes…and he knew it?
When was the last time you told him how badly you want him?
How long has it been since you ripped his pants off, desperate to get busy?
If you can answer in days, good for you, you little vixen. Keep up the good work and read below for a new trick or two!
If your answer is more along the lines of months…or years…or “I can’t remember”, don’t worry. The good news is you can remedy the situation easily and blow him away in the process.
There are countless ways to show you desire him (I teach you some sizzling techniques in The Language of Desire) but I’ve created a simple three-step system that’s a snap to implement.
I call it my Three-T Tantalizer:
1. Tell him in a text
Randomly shoot him a lust-jolt with a naughty message. This doesn’t have to be graphic but it does have to be straight to the point.
Lay it on the line just how badly you want him. Express how hot he gets you.
Verbalize your cravings.
It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out conversation, a simple sexy sentence or two will do the trick.
2. Tease him like your boy toy
Turn the tables and ogle his manliness. Objectify him like he’s nothing but a hot piece of man candy.
When he’s mowing the lawn, let out a wolf-whistle and tell him how sexy he looks. As he steps from the shower, smack him right on the ass. Before he rushes out the door to work, push him against the wall and kiss him with yearning.
3. Take initiative
Boldly and proactively initiate sex. Make the first move by pulling him into the bedroom. Climb on top of him for a morning romp. Grab his package while you are watching TV.
It really doesn’t matter how, when, or where you are…just as long as you are the one who initiates the action.
Implement each of these steps and make your man feel wanted like he deeply craves. Don’t be surprised when he expresses how much he desires you, too. That’s the bonus for you…when he feels longed for, it increases his appetite to please you!
Ready to discover more of his deep and private wishes?
Luckily for all of us, Michael Fiore has done this work in his genius program The Secret Survey. He polled hundreds of men…and shares their nitty-gritty private answers.
The Secret Survey gives you a glimpse into what it’s really like to be a man…and teaches you how to benefit from this powerful information.
Click this link only if you are ready for the raw and uncensored truth about men, though! Once you learn these secrets, you have a responsibility to use them wisely.


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  1. I do these things all the time and it doesn’t do anything for him… We’ve only been together 7 months and we started out the gate strong but over the last few months we only have sex maybe twice a month… It’s most definitely not because I don’t want to, and it’s not a health issue on his part. His equipment works fine, but he doesn’t seem to desire me anymore… What do I do to fix this.

    1. Unfortunately this happens to women a lot more then we would ever want to admit and it is SOUL CRUSHING to be denied. I call it the Peggy Bundie complex. We see so much tv and social media surrounding how often men are supposed to want sex and so when it doesn’t happen for us; it feels horrendously personal. The most I can say is that you should not let it make you feel less beautiful (though that’s a pretty instant reaction). Everyone goes through periods and stages in life. But be forthcoming and ask him. I’m not saying emasculate or become overly emotional but do NOT sit in silence and self blame.

  2. I do all of these…..results in at least twice daily….and he treats me amazingly well outside of the bedroom.

  3. tell The One all the time, do everything in the above, gets me feck all

  4. I love my man so much (we have been together almost 10 months) and I want to badly to please him and be intimate with him. I would be the woman doing everything in these articles to and for my man. The problem is that for the last 5 months he has been experiencing erectile dysfunction and as much as that is difficult for a sexually healthy woman to accept I am also dealing with him not wanting to touch me intimately because he doesn’t want me to expect something that he cant deliver. I cry myself to sleep most nights longing for that missing intimacy. I just wish I had someone to talk to about this (besides someone I have to pay to listen). I try talking to him but he is humiliated by the situation and feels he is letting me down and gets upset when I bring it up.

    1. This is a difficult topic and no easy way to bring it up to your partner. Especially when your the male going through same situation at the with a ex being by the medications i was talking. My pride was shattered being this was someone cared deeply about and happened early on in our relationship causing self doubt and leaving me discourage unable to open up expressing my issues and state i was in that moment. So feel free i you need someone to talk about it or how to tips on bringing it up with him let me know friend.

    2. Went thru it, well, still am. It’s hard to think it’s not you but him , but honestly it does more to the man than the woman. Believe it or not my father told me that it is THE most devastating thing to a man and we all know many men can’t express themselves correctly because they may be angry at themselves or so disgusting with themselves, they act out in different manners. I’m coping, have had many Dr appointments and finally getting back on track with the passion, not sex they fear they will have to perform and all we really want, mostly, is to feel wanted and all they want is to feel that “twinge” of wanting. It’s a tough situation. I was devastated at first , thinking it was me. That’s a bad feeling, but when I put my mind where his mind is, with my dad’s few words, I understand how it makes him feel and that’s when we sat down talked about it and that I still think he is the hottest, sexiest man and all I’ll ever want. Just give me those passionate kisses, the tight hugs and appreciate how much that means to me and I’ll empathize and understand, not demand or get upset. It’s all about understanding. They will sometimes push you so far, thinking that’s going to make the pressure go away. Don’t let them, it’s like any other health condition, drs have many ways to deal with it and there are more ways to make love than just “sex”. The weirdest part about my story, I was married for 20 years and had lost my sex drive so now i know exactly how my ex felt and i didn’t realize it then, maybe why I’m so understanding with my new man. He had an injury that just decimated his health for a while also a divorce he didn’t want , so there are many factors and many reasons. Don’t take it personally is a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth, UNLESS you’ve been unfaithful or something like that, like my ex had, it was his fault thru the years because I couldn’t let go of that pain and could care less really. So I’m kind of understanding all sides of this. Hope this helps but you can message me, I know how you feel about not having anyone to talk to about it.

  5. Not really a comment rather I am in need of some advise. Ok long story but at times so confusing to me….He and I went on a few dates, myself just being divorced…he and I decided to stay friends. Still spending time together here n there~No sex involved: both of us are ok with this…we have kissed, have changed in front of eachother, and slept together (content with being in his arms). I slipped once and said “I love you” caught myself and never said it again. I ran like Julia Roberts in Run Away Bride…Lol! We both started dating other people, both having a year long relationship with our mates…we still had contact, had lunch dates here n there(never hiding from our recent girlfriend or boyfriend). Funny, but we are both single once again…so we started talking more. I called him to tell about another one of my crazy dates. He said why you keep going on dates? You know that bugs the shit out of me…I said lol- I am intitled to date. He said ok…I said what I do not get it: you know I love you, your the one who does not know what you want, so I would rather have you close to me as my best friend rather than not having you in my Life at all. We stopped talking as much…Months later, I was like “I Love Him”
    We are so much more than sex….that is Powerful and I love that about us. I changed my phone number, for he is the only Man worthy of it, right? Ok, a month or so later, he comes to my house: As always, we hugged, kissed, and talked. Standing Next to him as he was about to leave…He said why do you keep going on dates with these dudes, when you know that “I Love You” and I am the only one you need; You know this. I was shocked, not sure of what to say….I had been keeping him in my life for 4 years now cuz of how I strongly felt about him. Ok so months go by him n I texting I love you, baby this n baby that….then all of a sudden he texted me; ohhhh so I am your baby now-lol? I took that a little personal cuz since then, his I love you words are instinct, he still text me all the time as I to him. Here is my question….it has been six months now of us talking n texting….I love him, we are not dating others. Do I fall back to the friend zone or keep giving my all here and Pray that he still on the same page as I am?

    ♥Confused and in Love♥

    1. My advice to you Anne is to lose this guy’s number and cut him completely out of your life, at least for now. He sounds like he’s playing games with you. If he was really into you (and by now he should have figured out whether he was or not) there would be no question as to his feelings. A loving relationship is not that much work. It should be easy and you should not be left guessing constantly about what he is feeling. It’s cruel and selfish. He is a distraction and he is keeping you from finding the someone that will love and cherish you. What more does this guy need to know about you that he doesn’t already know. You are wasting your time with this guy and you deserve so much more than mind games.

    2. Always follow your heart is the best advice i can give and only my heart to share being so loving as i am kind. Forever quick to forgive in knowing what its like to feel misunderstood in life and constantly judge by many leaving me insecure keeping myself bottled even down when i feel as believe others should look to themselves before casting out their criticism on others. So listen to your inner voice never those around when we alone make our decisions that best suit us especially in matters of hearts. The choice is yours if wanting to email me your number and see where it go’s not looking to play games with someones heart or mind. These being my faults in my past where i choose to leave them behind me wanting to move forward taking that next step in life.

      Freddy G