What He Really Thinks About During Sex

What he really thinks about during sex


From a young age, us women learn one universal thing about men: They are constantly thinking about sex.


  • How to get it.
  • Where to get it.
  • Where to have it.
  • Who to have it with.
  • How to do it.
  • … and then how to do it again.


But is this true!? And if it is … if men are always thinking about sex when they’re at school, work, at home, in the shower, walking on the sidewalk … What on earth is going through their minds when they actually are having sex?


“He’s Thinking About my Flabby Arms!” (The Fears of Women)


Ok, so we know that men are down for sex. Like a lot. Like all the time. That means they’re going to be pretty psyched when it comes time to actually have sex. We get that.


And as women, we of course want to enjoy it too. Naturally. But you’d be crazy if you weren’t at least slightly intimidated about what your guy is thinking when you two are going to town. Sometimes it’s worse than others, we’ve all been there: Your first time, the first time with someone you’re head over heels for, first time with the lights on…


And one of the most toxic thoughts we have at these times is that he’s thinking about how he doesn’t want to have sex with me!


And this is … dumb.


He doesn’t want to have sex with you?

You’re serious?

No, wait, you really think he doesn’t want to have sex with you?


If you take away one thing from this article, it should be that men are not thinking about your flaws while having sex with you. Not the hair on your legs (or those little boob hairs that are so weird and seem to grow a whole centimeter in one hour), not your stretch marks, not your tummy rolls, not your “bacne”, not your differently sized areolas.


To the contrary, ladies. Men are … insanely excited when they are having sex with you. And as long as you stay confident about that and enjoy yourself (and let him know, because he’ll be worried, trust us), he’s going to have an excellent time.


Well, double that. No triple it. Go ahead and quadruple it. Yeah, he’ll have a quadruple excellent time.


And in particular, here’s what he’ll be thinking.


The Top 8 Thoughts Guys Have During Sex

By: Faye Roberts


  1. “I can’t believe this is happening.”


In a good way, like the good-est way possible, your guy will be incredibly psyched. Many men say that they are just sort of going over and over in their heads that they can’t believe they’re having sex with a real, live female.


  1. “Be casual! Slow down! Calm down!”


Keep in mind, they are saying this to themselves. Not to you. They are so insanely excited to be having sex with you that they have to continue telling themselves to calm down and act chill.


All guys like to act really chill and cool, it’s a thing. Even with sex. Sometimes, it works. Other times … it’s totally obvious and sort of adorable.


  1. “Is she liking this???”


Here’s a good one for ya. They wonder if you’re into it. They want to know if you’re liking what they’re doing in terms of moves and feelings. In this way, it can pay for you to be very receptive when you like something and sort of mute when he’s not doing his best. Hopefully, he can take a hint and make the necessary adjustments …


  1. “Can I do … this … ?”


As a rule, men tend to be the more creative ones in the sack. They’ve undoubtedly watched a lot of porn and seen some things that may (or may not?) shock some ladies.


They know they have parameters though, so most of them will go slow when they want to try something. In their heads, they’re wondering about how far you’re willing to go.


  1. *Snapshot*


They, erm … apparently like to take little mental recordings of their experiences with you. Things they find particularly arousing that they can store away for a rainy day …


  1. “Bills I have to pay, Veterans Day, My childhood dog, Lucky …”


Sometimes, it’s not easy for men to … continue … when they are … very aroused. That’s why they sometimes have to dip into a store of sad or upsetting thoughts to help keep them from ending your romp too soon. Every man seems to have their own go-to list that they use in these close situations.


  1. When you finish: *Beats chest* “I’m a man!”


Making you orgasm may be his biggest accomplishment of the day, or week, or month. It not only makes him happy to see you happy, but it also arouses him beyond belief. To men, the female orgasm is a complete enigma, so for him to help you get there is like climbing a mountain.


  1. “Ok now it’s my turn.”


Even though it is possible, for rather obvious reasons, men may have more trouble being the first to orgasm. So not only are they completely turned on by you orgasming, they’re ready and raring to go themselves.


And that’s where you come in. Helping a man finish usually isn’t too hard, because like we said, they’re pretty darn psyched to be having sex in the first place.


But … with that being said, if you really want to make your man feel good, there are a few things that guys go nuts over. For example:




This goes without saying. Men love whatever you can do with your mouth. And when you’re good at it and have some moves up your sleeves? Even better.


Creative Positions


You’re used to missionary and a few other basic positions, but when you can spice things up with some creative ideas, men go wild.


Dirty Talk


Most men say that they could almost finish with no touching as long as their lady was good at dirty talking.


Now this last one can be tough for some women. Really good dirty talking walks a fine line. You need to be sexy and sultry without losing your femininity and innocence. The Language of Desire is a program that can teach you this delicate balance.


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In other words, get ready. Men won’t be able to keep themselves off you … and now you know what they’ll be thinking.


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