What Is the Kama Sutra and Why Should You Be Using It?

What Is the Kama Sutra and Why Should You Be Using It?


Everyone’s heard of the Kama Sutra. But just what is this sexual handbook? And more importantly, can we use it today to make our own sex lives more healthy and enjoyable?


Well, yes and no. First, let’s start with the basics.


The Kama Sutra or just Kamasutra is likely the most famous manual for sex in the world. The document was written approximately 2400 years ago in India by a scholar named Vatsyayana.


You’ll see a number of various translations on the exact meaning of the title, but in general, this is what it means:


Kama = Pleasure or Desire

Sutra ­= Statement, Rule or Formula (Literally: A thread that holds something together)


So together, that’s basically “The Rules on Pleasure.”


Many people think that the Kama Sutra is simply an old, dusty sex manual, but it’s actually quite an important document that has a lot of historical importance. There are sections on how to find love, how to keep love and how to live a happy life in general. In fact, the entire text contains seven books. Just one of these books is about lovemaking in a physical sense, and in this book, there are ten individual chapters, only one of which is entitled “Love Positions.”


It’s also important to note that people have been writing manuals, books and various texts on sex for thousands of years and all around the world. Rome’s famous poet Ovid loved writing about sex and courting women, Philaenis of Samos had his own book on the topics of seduction and aphrodisiacs, and various other authors and poets have tried their hand at the topic as well.


Why Was the Kama Sutra Written in the First Place?


In India, the primary religion has been Hinduism for thousands of years, and within Hinduism, there are three important goals for living:


Darma: Moral duties and general ethics in life.

Artha: The importance of work and prosperity in life.

Kama: Enjoyment of life’s pleasures or the senses.


Vatsyayana, the author of the Kama Sutra, had the goal of writing simply about the last of the three goals for living: Life’s pleasures.


Notice that this goal is put last in the list of three for a reason. First, good Hindus should focus on cultivating a virtuous life. Next, they must make their way by working and creating wealth for themselves and their family, and finally, lastly, they must enjoy the pleasures of life—with just one of those earthly pleasures being sex.


Now, with this in mind, our writer Vatsyayana took readers down a rather amoral path. After all, with the first two parts of living well (moral duty and the importance of hard work and making a living) ostensibly “covered,” why not move on to the fun stuff … right!?


In this way, the Kama Sutra, to be sure, is not necessarily an extremely sacred text as many people think that it is. In fact, it’s quite common for people to assume that Indian people in general all know and use the tenets of the Kama Sutra because it’s “part of their religion.” Not so.


Actually, the Kama Sutra should be seen as more of the opposite of the moral structure that Hinduism aims to display. Within the texts of this document, you will find information that is quite bad and absolutely not moral in the least. See: Raping young girls, seducing other men’s wives and lots of selfish behavior.


Now, it’s a given that this was another time. Women were treated differently as were men in society.


But still. Please don’t go living your life by the Kama Sutra. We’re pretty sure even Vatsyayana would look down upon that.


How the Kama Sutra Can Help Your Sex Life


So with the above information about the history and depth of this book, hopefully we haven’t completely scared you away.


In fact, there are many great parts of this text, and one of the great parts is the chapter on sexual pleasure.


The Kama Sutra is very cool in that it is completely open and honest about how wonderful sex can be. One of life’s great pleasures is sex! And why shouldn’t we all embrace and indulge (in healthy, moral ways) in this fact!?


We think it’s a great idea.


So how can this specific chapter on sexual pleasure help a healthy, happy couple?


One answer: Awesome sex positions. Here are a few that you absolutely must try the next time you’re in the boudoir with your sweetheart.


  1. The Hero


She lays on her back but pulls her legs up in the air (really, as far back toward the ears as you can or want to go). He sits on his knees and takes her while holding her legs and enjoying the view.


  1. The Plough


She lays on the bed on her stomach with her bottom half (legs) off the bed and top half on the bed. He then takes her from behind while holding up her thighs.


  1. The Amazon


He lies on the bed on his back with her on top as if to do Cowgirl. Instead, he should bend his knees and pull them toward his chest and around her body. Have her scooch up toward him as far as she can go. Both should grab onto each other to maximize rhythm and pleasure.


  1. The Frog


This is basically doggy but much more pleasurable for the woman as she is able to lay down flat on her stomach keeping her booty up slightly. Or lay down entirely if it’s more pleasurable.


These are just four of the many positions that the Kama Sutra offers. So why not give these a try tonight? If you like how they work, there are plenty more where they came from…!


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  1. Who needs all of this information?? Being with a pleasant female is three quarters of sex. Either partner can be as beautiful as a sunny day but if the personality is rotten the sex is just as rotten. Caring and being concerned about your partner in every way is what makes sex fantastic. Penetration and ejaculation is about one quarter OR LESS of the act. I need someone that I can really be concerned about and possibly she being concerned about me. There are times when a quickie is needed but even then I am concerned about my partner, if one knows the other is hungry and she has something to feed him and does not, the sex is cold and cold sex is disgusting.