What Men Really Want for Valentine’s Day (Psst: It’s All in the Bedroom!)

what men really want for valentine's day

They say Valentine’s Day is a women’s holiday.


The girlfriend / wife / fiancée gets:


  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry
  • Fancy dinner


And that’s all fine and grand. Right, ladies?!


But what if you’re the woman, and you’ve got a great guy in your life. Doesn’t he deserve something extra special for Valentine’s Day?


Surveys, questionnaires and polls have been asking men for decades what it is that they really want for Valentine’s Day. Is it a fancy watch? A day of golf? A subscription to the Beer of the Month Club? Clothes..?


Uh … well … not so much.


We think you can probably guess what guys always want for Valentine’s Day.


Yep! … Sex.


But not just any sex. Special Valentine’s Day Sex.


So for that special man in your life—the one you want to truly show your appreciation for and make the happiest possible—here are the details for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift … what he really wants in the bedroom.


The 8 Secret Sexual Desires Men Have for Valentine’s Day Sex

By: Faye Roberts


  1. Have Sex 2 (or More) Times


Most guys feel lucky to have sex once in a day, but why not make their true dreams come true and give them sex 2 (or more) times on Valentine’s Day? They just need a breather in between, really. Or you could bookend the whole day with both a morning romp and a hot session in the evening.


  1. Have Random Sex in a Hotel


Sex in a new place and sex out of the blue are two fantasies that men have. So this Valentine’s Day, you might think about getting a hotel room for the two of you.


You can either plan it all out in advance and decide together on the perfect place to spend the night … or, you can surprise him with a night away. Get in the car like you’re going to dinner, then drive to “a new place you’ve just heard of.”


He’ll be blown away. When sex is on the menu, real dinner can always wait.


  1. Have Sex in a New Position


Many couples get stuck in the same old positions when they have sex. He’ll love it if you spice things up! It’s not just the fun of the new positions. It’s the fact that you’re feeling frisky enough to try new things. He’ll feel more comfortable with you and be crazy turned on that you’re turned on to get creative in the sack.


  1. See You Wearing Sexy Lingerie


It’s certainly going to end up on the floor (often within 60 seconds), but yeah, they definitely want to see it. In fact, even if it’s got all those straps and pulley systems, they’ll love it—super hot (plus more of a challenge).


  1. Get More Mouth Action


Men love blow jobs. This is a fact. One of the top desires that men had when asked what they wanted out of Valentine’s Day sex was more blow jobs.


Really, we’re sure that any “type” will do, but to make things really pleasurable for your man, try different positions. Standing, kneeling, or laying on the bed will all make his Valentine’s Day more than just a treat.


  1. Build Up the Hype


Ok, let’s get one thing straight: guys love sex pretty much any way. But when do they really get excited? When the build up is almost too much for them to handle.


Just jumping to it the moment you hit the sheets is perfectly fine. But if you two will be apart this Valentine’s Day (for work or other obligations or whatever), it’s a great time to take advantage of the idea of the buildup. Texting is the best way to do this.


Try these lines for starters:


  • Thinking about you …
  • I had a really naughty dream last night, and you were in it.
  • So what do you think we should do tonight after dinner tonight …?
  • Care to guess what color underwear I’m wearing?


*Once things get steamy, a sexy picture never hurts if you’re comfortable.


  1. Extend the Pleasure


Again, men are pretty much into any type of sex, but why not draw out the pleasure of your romp by making him last as long as possible. This can be done by simply slowing everything you do way down.


For example, start out with some light petting in one part of the house. Then strip down to some surprise lingerie and maybe move things to the bedroom. Hand jobs, blow jobs and grinding are all things that will stimulate his desire and make the pleasure longer and better. This slow start will absolutely end with a bang … that he won’t forget.


  1. Have Sex Plus His Favorite Dinner


Last but not least, if you’re going to go the whole nine yards for your guy, be more than a bombshell in the bedroom and give him the full treatment with a great dinner as well as sex.


Men in this day and age are adapting better than ever to gender equality, so of course women are not the only ones who can make dinner! But that doesn’t mean that men still don’t love a home cooked meal from their sweetie.


Make his favorite dinner (steak, ribs, burgers on the grill?) along with all the extra fixings. Maybe that’s candles and cloth napkins for some men … and the football game on the big screen with a TV tray for other guys. After a little digesting … have a wild round of sex, and be prepared for a man who is very happy.


All of these ideas can be used separately or based on what you know your man loves in the bedroom. But just beware. If you’re thinking about using several or all of these ideas this Valentine’s Day, you might be spoiling him way too much for next year.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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