What Men Want in Bed but Would Never Tell You

What do men truly want in bed?

By: Faye Roberts


What men want

Have you ever had a fantasy? Something you thought about all the time, that you really wanted to come true?


Maybe it was a dream you had for your career, a fantasy about being a pop star or an amazing actress. Maybe it was a dream about the kind of guy you wanted to meet… Mr. Darcy anyone?


Ok. Now was this fantasy something you felt comfortable talking to everyone about… ?


Probably not, right?


There are some things that we think about but that we’re not ready to share.


In a nutshell, this is what we’re dealing with when it comes to men… all the time. About everything.




Because men are seriously shy.


Did you know that?


Oh sure, you probably knew that men don’t really like to readily share their feelings. They tend to be a little bit “silent” when it comes to discussing “emotions” in a “relationship” or “where things are going.”


But we’re not sure you’re getting the seriousness of it. Let’s say it again:


Men are shy.


They don’t want to share … well … pretty much anything.


So when it comes to you knowing what men really want in bed…


You don’t know as much as you think, hon.


You’ve “been around the block,” but are you sure you’ve learned everything about what a man wants?


We don’t mean to burst your bubble. Granted, you’ve probably found out some key things based on how he reacts when you’re in bed together (basically every man loves blow jobs, we all know that).


But we’re here to tell you that there is a lot you don’t know. It’s something that you won’t hear often because A) Men won’t be the ones to tell you. And B) Women’s magazines and resources have little way of finding out (they most often derive their information from women, not directly from men, where the information should be coming from!).


Ok. So there’s a lot you don’t know. Where do we go from here?


Well, we’ve got good news.


Someone has asked the men. Finally, someone’s done it.


His name is Michael Fiore. He’s a relationship professional and has been in the relationship field for decades, looking to find the things that men truly want out of relationships—because it is a major mystery to most analysts. In fact, it’s such a mystery that it took scientific data to get to the bottom of it.


And Michael Fiore has gotten to the bottom of it.


He did so by interviewing and surveying 30,000 individual men. He asked what they were looking for in the best sexual partner they could imagine.


The men ranged in age, income level, and race so that Michael was able to get a smattering of honest answers from men of all walks of life.


All of the survey information was kept confidential. And this was the key to enabling men to feel completely comfortable answering the questions 100 percent honestly. The answers Michael received were all raw, truthful responses.


You are unlikely to know this, but most surveys given to men include names and personal information for record. Of course, it makes sense that this causes men to fudge their answers. Naturally, they’re afraid of people (mostly women) finding out what it is they really want during sex. Remember, men are shy. They’re afraid of being vulnerable, and they don’t want to be embarrassed.


So after everything, what do men truly want in bed?

These were the top three answers:


  1. More Blow Jobs


You already knew blow jobs were popular, but did you know just how popular they were? Far and away, blow jobs were the most talked about thing that men wanted in bed.


  1. More Dirty Talk


You may have thought to yourself, “Ok, men like a little dirty talk during sex.” You’re thinking little phrases here and there to spice things up. But the truth is it’s more than that. Men want intense sexy talk and lots more of it.


  1. Threesomes


No, it’s not just a trope in porn that men want threesomes. They seriously want them. And it doesn’t mean that they want them so they can start actual relationships with the “third woman.” It means that you plus another female is what really turns them on. Like a lot.


Why Do Men Want These Things?


This is important!


You thought that the main part of this article would be what men want in bed, and yes, this is important. But what is truly important is why.


Why do men want these things?


This is what you need to know.


Most of it has to do with feeling powerful.


Men want to feel like they are the “alpha male,” like they are in control and feeling respected is paramount. This goes way back to our earliest ancestors: the men were in control. They got the job done. It’s in their DNA.


But of course, we don’t live in the times of cavemen. We live in a modern time where men might be judged for these desires. There is so much that women don’t know about men.


But there are ways to find out.


The best way is to use the findings of Michael Fiore. Everything he has learned has been thankfully compiled into one excellent resource that has been especially adapted for women. It’s called The Secret Survey.


It’s just like the title implies. It’s all of the results of the secret survey that Michael Fiore gave to 30,000 men.


If you have been struggling with confronting your man about what he really wants in bed, The Secret Survey could be your new best friend. It has even more, even deeper secret details on everything we’ve spoken of in this article.


Check out The Secret Survey here. Knowing your man and unlocking the deep, dark desires that he is too shy or too embarrassed to tell you is the key to connecting with him on the deepest level. It’s the key to making him see you as the only woman he can ever imagine being with.