Why You Should Stop Sharing Details About Your Relationship on Social Media

Why You Should Stop Sharing Details About Your Relationship on Social Media


Social media is the biggest thing to hit the Internet (and the world) in recent decades. It’s changed the way we communicate, interact, relate, think and make decisions.


On a personal-relationship level, social media has been both awesome (He liked my post! Eee!) and terrible (Uhhh, who is THAT girl.)


For both men and women, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all the other platforms that we now interact with daily have changed dating and long-term relationships. So naturally, there’s a learning curve.


And when it comes to editing our posts, some people haven’t gotten the memo that not everything is A-Ok for all eyes.


5 Relationship Topics to Avoid Posting About on Social Media – And Why


  1. Your sex life. Or allusions to your sex life.


Remember that these days, everyone and their mother (literally) is on Facebook. And Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter aren’t far behind. So being wary about the details you add to your feed is wise unless you don’t mind your mother-in-law and her entire bridge club knowing about your sex life. Even then … come on.


This one should be pretty obvious. But some people persist in thinking that everyone will be super cool with hearing about each other’s sex lives or cute little innuendos.


Not really. And besides, let’s keep it classy.


Even if you put a thinly veiled innuendo in your post, it’s really not a good idea. “Can’t wait till tonight ;)” posts on your girlfriend’s page or commenting about how you “Hardly left the hotel room!” on pictures of your recent vacation do count as posts related to your sex life, and you should avoid them.


It’s great that you’re having sex. Have more of it if you can! Just don’t tell us.


  1. Breakup blow-by-blows.


Breakups are hard on everyone involved, but this doesn’t give you the right to explain every new occurrence in your saga on the Internet. It’s really terrible that you’re going through a breakup, and hopefully, your closest friends and loved ones will be there to support you during this time. But the Internet shouldn’t be the shoulder you choose to lean on.


Putting everything that happens between the two of you on the Internet will not only hurt your chances of fully getting over this person in the end, but it will also make you look like an ass to everyone else. Trust us, it will. Even if friends and loved ones “like” or react in a sympathetic way to your post about fighting or breaking up, chances are it will either make them uncomfortable, or they will take advantage of you with this information.


Furthermore, if you ever hope to reconcile with your partner, posting anything negative about them or something they did is not going to win them over. Rather, it will push them further away from you.


  1. Anything about exes.


“Saw my ex today. She’s gained 20 pounds.”


Maybe something you’d say to your best friend in passing (still not so cool). But as a post on social media? Definitely not cool.


Maybe your ex left you for your brother or cheated on you 40 times, and everyone knows it. This still doesn’t give you the right to talk about this person like that. It’s the definition of uncouth, and it’s also just plain childish.


In the same vein, posting information that depicts you pining over your ex, expressing wishes that you were together again or saying that you are doing terribly without them is not a good idea either. These very well may be your feelings, and you have every right to them, but don’t put it on social media.


  1. Constant glowing praise of everything and anything nice that your partner does.


It’s great to love your partner and show it! We should all be so lucky to have praise-worthy partners, and when someone does luck out like this, it’s easy to understand the desire to gab about it non-stop.


But darlin’ …. Ain’t nobody wanna hear about it.


Ok, sure. A post on your wedding anniversary listing the things you love about your partner? Super sweet.


A post on your partner’s birthday saying how thankful you are for them? Awesome.


A post about how your partner brought you flowers today at work and how it was “such a surprise!” and “so random!”? Uh, yeah. Cool. Good job partner.


A post about how your partner made you a sandwich, with a picture of said sandwich, and details about how much you loved the sandwich, and then another reaction picture of you seeing the sandwich for the first time, and then a picture of the plate after you ate the sandwich with details about what was in the sandwich and how they even cut off the crusts just how you like it, and how much you love your partner and how great they are for making you a sandwich?


Well. That’s just for you, hun. Keep that for you.


It’s great. But again … ain’t nobody wanna hear about it.


  1. Pictures of one of you or both of you in bed.


This depends. Some tasteful “Sunday morning breakfast in bed!” captions are okay (being that, say, it’s just a picture of some blankets and a tray with a bagel and juice on it). But when we get your lying down POV of your boyfriend sleeping, head on pillow, no shirt, etc., etc. … it’s a little weird.


Thing is, that’s an intimate setting! No one else is meant to be there except for you two, especially those randos you barely know who are reading your social media feed. Save the image for yourself.


The Rule of Thumb


If you’re unsure about whether something related to your relationship is decent to post or not, do this:


Imagine yourself during or after a hard breakup. Or if you’re going through one now, just think normally.


You’re at your worst. You hate love. Romance will never be your friend.


Ok, now if you saw what you are about to post on someone else’s feed, what would you think?


A. “That’s disgusting.”

B. “Give me a break [eye roll].”

C. “Idiots.”

D. “That’s kind of nice. I guess.”


If you answered D, hey, go for it.

If you answered A – C, save that picture or little piece of information for yourself.